14 September 2010

Army Of Larry

one day i'm a-gonna git my hands onna acid black tape, yessiree. till then plz go bug th' shiz outta larry aboot it:

well, it ain't the kiss army

also let's all hope there's some limb trial tapes laying around over there too.


  1. Please Sir, more Shepard


    Another too-good-to-be-true mixtape maybe,


    or something else that would insight into his listening tastes.


    Thankyou for what you do.

  2. i'm afraid th' oddball shep archives over here are pretty much exhausted. but thanks fer th' thanks! recommendation: go download some chrome recs ("half machine lip moves," for ex.). cheers!

  3. Already onto it, but thankyou. Found Alien Soundtracks repress in my local record shop, and "half machine lip moves," through your (American) Permanent records, Chicago. Truly two of my greatest treasures, along with my two favourite repress purchases this year, being Shep's Pre & Post and De Stijl's repress of Parasites of the Western World.

    The dl so far this year that's top of my list/blown my mind is 'Not My Favorite Shit' esp inc the cassette cover scan. Forever Lowmans ups being close contenders back in the first few months of the year, but the intimacy of a handwritten mixtape by a legend is incomparable.

    While Rep, Shep, Ron, Don, Jay & Squidfish was my introduction to the Ohio phenomenon it seems (courtesy of your good self) more than just them's been drinking whatevers in the local water supply.