09 September 2010

Bumped By Karaoke


afore that weird and worthless get hip seedee showed up this here "volume 2" was out and about pissing on yer daughters and fucking yer lawns. THEE document of col's circa:199_ (i.e. it made it look way cooler than it actually was, and it was PRETTY DAMNED COOL), you can blame regala and half th' rockcombos on this piece of digital retardo fer all that smeg' in yer head sayin' you live somewhere that's like cool fer musick er somethin' (given that you live here --- HEY! you aren't pee-roozin' this in SOME OTHER CITY, are ya? whooo, now i's seen EV'RYthing…) - just cuz you don' know it don' mean it ain't true, compadre…

watch the daylight colors fade to grey

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