09 September 2010

True Moves - Wild Weekend


eric wrong of do-right(s) fame(?) with very-rockANDroll-positive combo feat. #1 supporter of col's musicks bob starker (he's in every band!) and a coupla magic city alumni and john from gut piston(lookout behind you!)/diverters(lookout ahead!) wiggle their way thru their first single (hey it's got three tracks who's counting) on d-panik and man. awhile back it occurred to me that it's not outside-the-realms-of-possibility that no humyns rilly (RILLY) ever liked rockANDroll musicks. so anyhow, it should come as no surprise that they still don't. i suppose i am some weird flower then, cuz this shiz is top. they gota another single out an' an el-pee in th' can an' we'll get to 'em okok…


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