08 September 2010

Brown Notes


well if we're gonna talk aboot th' sun and we're gonna talk aboot th' hexonwheels an' we're gonna (eventually) talk aboot th' crazy ray well we gotta talk aboot th' brown notes. another col's institution that, alas, is no more, them brown notes did love their ween…but also - LUCKILY FOR US - was too retarted to rip 'em off too bad - and heck, let's face it, had frankly been writing (together and seperately, depending on which year ya caught 'em) their own goofy/not goofy tunes since way afore mssrs. gener & deaner was kidnapped by aliens and forced to write a zlillion songs er whatever th' original party line was there. so yeah, 57,000 afterhours parties later they called it quits (QUITS! QUITS!), but this disc - th' lone offish recorded document from these doods - should set y'all to petitioning fer their imminent reformation and national tourage toot sweet.


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