09 September 2010



if we're gonna talk aboot th' cherubs well let's talk aboot th' unsane too ok - HEY! - i have this theory (shouldn' even bother t' be so nice as to call it just a theory cuz hey i ain't boastin' i'm truthin', amirite) 'bout how at a certain point in time all towns had to have one band that was like th' we're-the-band-in-town-that's-really-into-unsane-band and like the method was fer dayton hey well we gots onepointthree. which is sellin' 'em hella short as it is with every band that takes that particular honor we was just talkin' aboot, but that don' make it any less of true. they made a coupla recs and here's one of 'em. also scott art/bass is in lopan and they got signed or something. also mike is probably the funniest person on the interwebs.


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