09 September 2010

Big Meat


little bit of a joke here as over on fb there was just a discussion re: how many people have boxes of these takin' up space in their closets, but hey - just cuz nobody bought one don't mean YOU can find it on yer local shelves and it SURE don't mean it ain't worth way more than free. history: when my uncle wayne quit being existing ('nother jokel there) davey went on his own merry (ok maybe not) way which eventually = altered states of the united snakes and them other dudes (drummers don't count but hey bim moved to clevo and made them this moments, ok we'll talk aboot it later) started this here band which eventually morphed into one called sons of solomon and chris was in pillowbiters, whatever, but let's be sure to not talk aboot drummers, ok. people who like the cherubs like this, how's that fer some kinda modern-internet-styled bullshit what's true, erm.


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