02 January 2011

Anna Ranger


nowadays people are prolly lazy and underinformed (mildly) enuff to just say nathan is like perhaps a stephen merritt fan but every time i see him play it just sounds to my ears like he's fucking channelled pretty much my exact experience of being alive in 1988: it's a morrissey/new order fest fer surely but it's so much more than that; ripping shit off is one thang and it fer shirley can be fine but got-damn if it isn't something else entirely to conjure a coupla groops yet be completely ON THEIR LEVEL and conjure an era without being the least bit anything but right-fucking-now. this tape's new but who cares, it's effin' timeless.



  1. and it's effin available as a goddamn tape here : http://cavatrankil.blogspot.com/2010/12/2-new-tapes-out-anna-ranger-drosofile.html

    sent with love from France for a few bucks (8).

  2. and now Nathan has some to sell for cheaper.