23 January 2011



well as with lots and lotsa bands from the blast from the past you've probably heard of/from one or some of the dudes/dudeladies since and of course with parsnip here that is no exception it's a wellknown FACT that one ramble john krohn played the guitar in this here combo and if you don't know who that is you better ask somebody ok. parsnip were a BLISTERINGLY GREAT live band i mean good lord mindblowing fer serious but this single isn't all that good (at least i think that every time i listen to it and it ain't all that much) and the soups & sauces (v.soon!) tracks are meh inna diff way but you can argue that amongst yerselves now that i've gone and put this on th' innernet. my copy is cracked which will be apparent tho' it plays thru fine but still if you wanna buy it lemme know.


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