23 January 2011

Swivelarm Battlegrip tapes


onetime when we useta get th' vinyl ink catalog they had written that kill sybil sounded like mbv (or at least, enough) and n.c. ordered th' record which is ok but i got another of their seveninchers awhile back and it hasn't stood too well which is beside the point cuz even if it had they don't hold one candle up to th' swivelarms here. my memory isn't what it once was (i don't even remember what it once was as shirt-tail has said) but one thing i do remember having seen these dudes/dudelady more than way too many times in those mid90s is bill just minding his own business rocking the absolute snot out of the bass there and then BAM! flying across the stage and landing in that "hey guys take a knee" stance and ruling it, ear dead inside th' monitor for the rest of whatever song - i mean it could happen ANYTIME, not when you'd expect it fer shirley BAM! loved it. what i did not remember was how gosh-damned SATURATED eric's guitar is, it's fucking MASSIVE, futbol fans, and val's enuff of her own singer that she don't get too bogged down inna riot grrl thing and therefore hers isn't as dated a wail as some o'those ladies' in teh retrospect. one doesn't hafta ask around too much to git at th' fact that i've long been known to admire benco's drumming idears so rilly i kinda been havin' a blast lissenin' to these tapes today and well i say you should too.


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