06 January 2011


well i got a cease and desist for the gaunt post. at least i think i did. no info is available anywhere the blogger ppl are telling me to look. feel free to guess whether it's hazelmayer, bettina, or those warner doods who couldn't sell all those cutout vinyl copies of bricks & blackouts who's being bitter aboot it. y'know whoever it was coulda just made a fucking comment. GROSS.

EDIT: reposted


  1. I guarantee you it isn't Hazelmyer (as someone who worked for him and helped get the Gaunt record onto the label). Can't speak for Bettina but the reasonable assumption is the third party mentioned. Regardless — it's the ten-year anniversary of Jerry's death, so everybody raise a glass tonight. Gin-'n-tonics were his favorite but I don't recall him being too picky.

  2. it's not warners. there are other records on here that they're reponsible for already that i've (fingers crossed) seen no problems from and th' c&d letter is written by a company that represents a bevy of independent labels. bettina did not return my email which was simply a request to inform me if they are indeed represented by that company so i know what to remove from the post in order to be "allowed" to repost it. i know i slept on her couch not she on mine but hey i thought at least she'd be decent about it.