04 January 2011

Ass Ponys - Mr. Superlove


dunno what needs to be said about these guys/this rec (TAPE) - as nec. as scrawl, prolly, as far as oh musicks go, and just as unavoidably original as those gals (and later guys) in of course their own bizarro way. takes probably everything you'd wanta know about "americana" (proto-, right?) (i mean, like, divine horsemen or something) in teh '80s and ridiculizes (everyother take)/legitimizes (their version) (natch) it in the most DEAD-SERIOUS way imaginable - where later (watch these skies) they trafficked in something akin to novelty numbers on their catchiest material here even the most silly stuff (opener "hey swifty") can be pretty fucking harrowing er scary depending on what hole yer looking up out of/down into at the time. fun and lean and important, all at the same time - the modern-day (yes the late '80s are the modern day) equivalent of the carter family as far as entertainment goes - and had the mass marketability of the cult of entertainment in america not gone FUCKING CRAZY between those two's respective eras i'm POSITIVE they'd be heralded as such.


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