04 January 2011



kinda excellent rick springfield-era (1984) radio pop with enuff power innit to align it favorably if not quite with "goodbye to you" then at least with that great holly penfield rec. songs are short blasts with diff fleeting & transparent reference points under the hooks - beat street hiphop, footloose-style antheming, those huey lewis-esque new wavers that weird al ripped off for his originals circa 1983… man do they lay on the FEATURING JULIE IVORY schtick heavy tho', i mean the "write to " addy is th' JULIE IVORY FANCLUB, whatever, shoulda scanned th' back sleeve so you could see them betwixt-th'-waist-an'-knees (front et rear) shots of julie's red jeans too. evidently she was some kinda local celebrity with some kinda boobtube mag on channel ten, whatever - if you know more and feel like commenting aboot it i'll read it and not feel bad. interestingly (or not) she's still here and sangin' up a storm in TWO copybands. you look 'em up.


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  1. She hosted a video music show on Channel 10, before we got MTV in Columbus.