22 January 2011

Lost My Uncle Wayne, 1998


it occurs to me we have something* akin to cryogenics like as far as (shit) musicks are concerned 'cause i think a lot of the problem there is getitoutgetitoutgetitout whether it's because you wanna move on or you wanna sell it or what it doesn't matter but really i think so many of us can agree that we'd like or at least we'd have liked things to happen sooner not later even where our creativity is concerned and like even if we have one or two or five day job(s) but hey it's probably not gonna happen anyway (amirite?) (?) so let's maybe stop with that there. this *=the ability we have to make something and just let it sit there and i don't mean finish it and sit on it not release it i mean just make it, write it down very notatedly or even better put it on a multitrack something or other and wait, oh eight or twelve years and then see what kinds of toys you can rustle up or maybe even just have sitting in your room by the later date when you've totally forgotten about what it sounds like or why and how you did it and just make it a real thing again, let it live and breathe and amaze you and it's easy esp. if it's all on tape already to not be too precious about it 'cause really the amazing thing is that it's there at all and then of course it's taken on this whole life of its own - revealing things you did and choices you made all those years ago so that without any extra effort those things are going to be there no matter what you do (in the case of a multitrack tape here we're saying it doesn't matter all that much what fiddly effects you mess with or how high the levels are or are not) which is always true but it's just that here with this kind of deal you FUCKING REALIZE THAT where with something yer like in the midst of all caught up in you worry that your great concept might not get across and you mix 37 times and you worry that your statement will be lost and your genius will be unsung and you will die in obscurity but with this old crappe obviously you are still here and there's such a sweetness to the whole endeavor.

anyhow i think i had a point and if so that point was that it would probably befit us to wait until there's a cure for the sickness sometimes. maybe all the time. i mean we've been trying to release the music of the future for so long (even if it's based in musics of the past) it might be nice to do it the wrong way 'round.

there were two rough mixdown cassettes of this my uncle wayne stuff from 1998 or so and i lost mine and davey lost his and i thought the reel was lost but it turns out when someone spilled coffee all over some tapes once i put it in a diff box and didn't label it and didn't find that to be true until last year. i mixed it again this morning and even though there is a lot of snot in my head i think it sounds real good and i am very happy to put it here for you. photo above is of the one and only real uncle wayne.



  1. heh! i left off the part with chris screaming "PARTY OVER HERE! PARTY OVER THERE!"

    true tracklist for everybody:
    1.her European travels my midwestern home/ Sick Mind
    2.Pilgrim Soul
    3.The Matador meets the blue bull.
    4.A, open E.
    ...5.The Selfish Shellfish
    6.Overactive Imagination
    7.Days of Our Lives
    8.Paper Dolls