26 January 2011

Bob Starker


one day i was perusing the alive or the guardian or something and i saw a businesscard-sized ad that said call bob about starting a band which was illustrated just like the cover o' this here rec, so havin' fallen in deep lust with the skronk eminatin' from them grooves awhile prior (friend in va. befriended andy from swirlies and hipped me to them soon after/swirlies lumped into+onto their friend morgan's label+genre CHIMP/bob put record out on chimp/i ordered it) i thot lo' it can't be cannit? 'course it was i found out - bob having then-recently relocated to here from there (MA) - after ringin' him up and tho' we neverstarted a band or anything we chatted for an hour or three and have remained well-acquainted ever since. you should be aware of bob's musical exploits since he's been 'round these parts (short story: sovines/whoa nellie!/wildrock goto saxman EXTRAORDINAIRE) but HEY! if'n ya don't have this rec' yer missin' th' sweetest spot. perfection like this comes along oh only ten or twelve times in any idiot's wax stax. i can't bother explaining what these seven titles soun'like so jus' download it sorry ever'body else IT'S THE BEST RECORD THAT WILL EVER BE ON THIS BLARG.


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